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Your mindset and life will change in sixty six days with this method

Mentally, Physically, Spiritually



Your Life Coach, who has been changing lives since 1989, is a Teacher known for living his dreams. He set out in life as a multipotentialite with many interests, and wanted to satisfy them all.

He began his Entertainment career in Radio and Television, eventually becoming a celebrity in Hawaii branded as 'Hawaii's Entertainer Junior Kekuewa Jr.'. an instrumentalist, ventriloquist, mimic, comedian, and singer.

In business he and a business partner started a production company in 1988, and after his training in Classical Music Singing, he and two business partners started a singing school in 1989. While in Radio and teaching, he and his business partners also started a Wedding and Party Business in 1999.

The production company eventually evolved into Hawaii’s first Social Media Advertising Agency in 2010, building a four million dollar retail advertising and marketing platform on radio in the course of eighteen years, that also helped other people build their businesses.

His company also owns a record label with many projects on iTunes and various digital platforms, as well as various other ventures after founding Voicemaster Enterprises LLC in 2005. Junior created and developed his method 'Motivational Self-Development Through The Human Voice', which produced such profound changes in people utilizing energy, frequency, vibration and velocity, that he wrote a book about the transformations in 2016 called 'The Universal Law of Attraction in Singing' available on Amazon. 

Junior has developed over 7000 people since 1989, and has mentored many young people and adults. His success with his clients and students have been exceptional, and his expertise in The Law Of Attraction since 2007 has assisted people to design and create the life they desire to live, but previously have not had the courage to do.

Inner-confidence is the core of his teachings. It's very different from exterior confidence like sports or processes that are physical or mental. This process utilizes your voice, the very essence of you, to heal, settle and focus on your desired outcome. When you can control and use the power of your inner-self in confidence to control and manage your fear, your vibration will change and so will your life. You will attract better circumstances, people, and opportunities.

Ask yourself; how much do I desire change? How much am I struggling? How painful is the struggle? The solution to these questions lies within you.

Junior brings it out in a sixty six day process. The end result is a calm, centered, relaxed state of being.

Mentally, physically and spiritually.



Survival Mode signs:

1. Lack of focus: Things might seem foggy or hard to concentrate. You might have trouble finishing one activity in a focused manner or in the way you      

    ‘usually’ can.

2. Changes in memory: You may have a hard time remembering situations or things that happen throughout the day. If a partner asks how your day was,

     you may honestly not really know.

3. Fatigue: You may feel more tired, in body and mind.

4. Emotionally reactive: If you find yourself being more upset about things that you wouldn’t normally react to, this can be a sign of survival brain. Perhaps

    you’re snippier or grumpier or cry more easily.

5. Forgetting to care for basic needs: Having trouble brushing your teeth? Exercising? Washing your face? Changing your sheets? These can all be signs.

6. More impulsive: You might spend excessively, eat more, or engage in activities you might not normally.

We solve these challenges in sixty six days.

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We help you overcome emotional pain which is rooted in fear.

Areas of focus

Personal Development, Relationships, Manifestation.

You’re really good at what you do, but  you sense something isn’t right and can’t seem to identify your blockage that keeps you from where you really want to be in life. 

You want to make an effort to place yourself in a better position in all aspects of your life and be ahead of the game,

But you feel emptiness and lack of fulfillment and keep searching for an answer hoping it will be the right one.

Well-meaning friends and family don’t understand your pain, and you are starting to suffer judgement from yourself in the form of negative self-talk, and have no idea what steps to take next.

You know you want to believe in yourself and trust your decisions, but lack the inner self-confidence it takes to move forward. We understand and specialize in solving these challenges.  

We develop the confidence of your inner-self.

Since 2007, we've helped all of our clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life.

Fear is the opposite of confidence.

Although fear is a necessary alert system, living in constant fear deteriorates your mental, physical and emotional health.

Confidence on the other hand, is a calm, centered, relaxed energy. When you develop calm confidence, it will change the course of your life.

With our method you will remain calm and focused within the fast-paced world around you. 

As a result, you raise your vibration to attract positivity into your life. 

The people who have experienced our work, found the courage to speak in front of large groups, leave a toxic relationship, and be able to move away from years of therapy. 

'Motivational Self Development Through the Human Voice Method' will bring out your passions and purpose in life. 

We are here to help you achieve positive outcomes in life, and to transform your mental, physical and spiritual self.


The inspirational book that has led people into changing their lives. 

'The Universal Law of Attraction and Singing'

by Junior Kekuewa Jr. 



Junior, Thank you, I can not tell you how much your help means to me. You've helped me way more than the therapist I have seen in the past because you actually tell me what I need to work on instead of beating around the bush. You are so responsive and attentive that I have stopped going to therapy because you help so darn much. Thank you again, God bless you! ❤️ 🙏 Miranda


Just last year around October I had considered hiring a life coach but after talking with her, I decided I could do it myself and save the money. Then this year I decided I've had enough of a mediocre life and will make some changes. It's a new year, a new decade and new chapter in my life. That's when I met Junior and from the start, he could see exactly what I needed to work on. I have been seeing psychologists and therapists my entire adult life but I can honestly say no one pinpointed or was effective with resolving my issue, which was very deeply rooted. I know it in my soul and bones that he was right! I'm amazed at how quickly he understood me. His plan for me was to work from the inside out. It's a struggle to make the change but I've been persistent at doing the lessons and have made good progressive. I am happier and more confident than when I first started. I still have some ways to go, but with Junior's guidance I know I will succeed. Can't change the past but I can change for the better for the rest of my life!!

Anna G.

I just sat on zoom for close to 45 minutes and received alot of clarity about the path I've been walking in this lifetime, Junior is very kind and understanding and straight to the point! He's great with communicating and keeping the focus of the conversation. Highly recommended for anyone out there trying to figure life out but just don't know how. Qualities: Spiritual readiness, business affiliated, compassionate, kind, aware, respectful, professional 👏

Anthony Batey



This process will change your life.

Pricing depends on the assessment of the individual, goals, and time involved.

We also offer email and text contact for step by step guidance. This is not a 'one size fits all' program, every individual is unique.

We typically do online sessions on FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and Duo; other platforms available upon request.

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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain

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