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Trusted Life Coaching Professional

Meet your Confidence Coach Junior Kekuewa Jr. who's been changing lives since 1989. 

​Junior has helped over 7000 people and has mentored many teenagers and adults.

His success with his clients and students has been substantial, and his expertise has assisted people to design and create the life they desire to live, but previously have not had the courage to do so.

In 1989, Junior created and developed his method 'Motivational Self-Development Through The Human Voice', based on intensive scientific research in physiology and psychology.

Profound changes occur in his method utilizing energy, frequency, vibration, and velocity. So much so, that in 2016 he wrote a book about the transformations called 'The Universal Law of Attraction in Singing' which explains this process through the human voice. Available on Amazon. 

Developing inner confidence is the core of his teachings. It's very different from exterior confidence developed in sports or processes like dancing that utilizes limbs. This process utilizes your voice, the very essence of you. 

The human voice is one thing that you were given to help heal yourself. Although we make no medical claims, it has remedied, reversed, and alleviated symptoms of trauma, PTSD, and anxiety, and even helps people with mild forms of autism. It settles and centers you and improves your focus and concentration.

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul, the voice is the mirror of your feelings and emotions. Your emotions and mind calm with this method.

When you can use the power of your inner-self to control and manage your fear, your demeanor will change and so will your life. Everything reacts to you. Creating calmness through inner confidence and a positive mindset will attract better circumstances, people, and opportunities into your life.​

In 2007, Junior founded 'Here for You Life Coaching',™ with his registered methods ‘Motivational Self-Development Through The Human Voice'™ and 'The Forward Method'™. 

Living your dreams is an art form, and requires a disciplined mindset, though the process is not a difficult one. It just requires consistency. New habits and ways of thinking need to be formed to replace old habits and thought processes. 

Ask yourself; how much do I desire to change? How much am I struggling with? How painful is the struggle? The solution to these questions lies within you.

Junior brings it out in a sixty-six-day process.


The end result is a calm, centered, relaxed state of being. Objectives are met easily. Thinking becomes clearer. You begin to live the life you were intended to. 

Mentally, physically and spiritually.

Find your voice in life.

We coach our clients to breakthroughs that create lasting change, master transitions, and be the hero of their life stories.

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"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it".

Lou Holtz


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